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Eve reading story to young children sitting by a lake.

Suddenly, I discovered that all those quick moments worth noting along life's path had not been noted! Memories lost!Life Explainedtime just slipped away....

I thought I'd remember that story forever!  I don't.

Sometimes, I look at a photo and think, where was that, and find myself looking for clues about what year it might have been.  You know the methods, right?  Are there cars?  Maybe there is a newsstand, and I might be able to zoom in on the dates of the magazines.  Wish I had sent myself a voice message about the details!  

There will come a day when it won't be me trying to remember what was happening or where I was.  What stories will others make up about that hairstyle or those sunglasses?

 What will they remember about me? Their Memories?

  I will adapt Abraham Lincoln's quote, "The best way to predict the future is to create it." I am suggesting to you that the best way to predict what their memories will be is to share your stories. NOW!

As a second-language teacher of wonderful, energetic, ten-thirteen-year-olds, I mastered a few techniques that will make you very happy!  If you want your students to pay attention, make your lessons interesting.  If you want them to boost their memory skills,  involve them in the processes.  If you want those students to flourish in the world of learning, show them how to incorporate elements of fun. 

    Albert Einstein would have been a great teacher.  With a glint in his eye,                         he stated, "Creativity is intelligence having fun!"

Along the journey, so far, I've been a daughter, a sister, a wife, a teacher, a mother and a pilot. I've been a farmer, a traveller, a speaker and a grandmother.  I've been "up and down and over and out" and like Frank Sinatra crooned in his song, "I know one thing.  That's Life!"

If I maintain the rhythm of that song, I will add this.  I have looked and studied and researched and tried many ways of saving memories and voices and stories and wisdom. 

I'm tired of replaying those little voice recordings of my brother and sister's answering machines just to hear their voices. They took their smiles, hugs, witty stories, and voices off to their "heavenly reward." I miss them! I wish I had recorded them just being themselves.  

My mother had a diary of her memories, but I don't know where it is or even how much she wrote.  I don't think a journal or diary would be the best way to share those precious times that I am so motivated to highlight.  My children would have to agree on who gets it, right?  Who knows, one of them might even misplace it! Now, you can see me laughing! Or hear me laughing?  

Some agencies have terrific call centers that collect stories from the "client/grandparent" and turn them into a keepsake memory album.  Again, one of my fine family might lose it.  They are also a little too busy to read the prose, after a long day's work!  But they could listen!

For the task-oriented, there are memoir-writing and even scrapbooking coaches and groups.  What an amazing person I would be if I could organize my life well enough just to sit down and get it done!

If you are still with me, you may be looking for what I have created for people like us.

Short on time?  Lots of other interests?  There are way too many photos to organize into albums.  Stories worth telling and sharing but no way to organize them?  Wondering where to keep the mini-masterpieces of photos and storytelling moments so no one will lose them or spill tea over the precious pages.  Ok, you may drink coffee or... we can talk about the "or" beverages in a story mapping interlude.

How did I know all the reasons why you haven't catalogued and preserved your best life stories yet?

Wow, your intelligence is truly on fire!  You're correct if you think that THAT is exactly where I started with creating these projects.    

I like the term "projects" because you can finish a little, change the "project," or decide that it is just fine the way it is! Even a few minutes will give you something to gift to the select audience that is unknowingly awaiting your opus of stories.

The first steps are in a recipe format because most know how to make an upside-down cake or vegetable soup. Starting with something you already know how to do will make the dissolve the scarey thought of learning all the new "digital ingredients" needed for this Memory-sharing project.  Get started - Your storytelling recipe is ready to post on your mirror.book of life stories with recipe on how to share

Check it out soon.

**Be sure to enable images so you can see the recipe and me!

Welcome, new friend!woman holding photographs in her hand

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